January 6, 2010

Motored from La Cruz to Yelapa. It’s special here, no streets. 200 peso for overnight on a mooring ball. Saw whales, turtle, dolphins. Caught nothing. Seabear worked perfectly. No cell / Internet in Yelapa. Happy Birthday Denny.

December 15, 2009

Departed for Isla Isabella at about 14:00 towing Porta-bote

Several things went wrong. Main sail shackle got hung on topping lift, preventing main from being lowered. Porta-bote broke free, jib got twisted around stay.

Used jib halyard to hold boom up while disconnecting topping lift. This freed main sail, we lowered it, then removed halyard from boom. Next we spun boat until jib was untangled, and we furled it. Finally we caught the porta-bote and using gaff, we tied lines to it and lifted it onto the foredeck. Casualties include front black plastic cover for MOB pole flag.

Stood 3 on 3 off watches.

December 16, 0900 – Arrived Isla Isabella 9 AM Put Porta-bote into water and fixed breakfast. Should be an interesting day.

1343 – Birds, birds and more birds. Iguanas and lizards underfoot. Mosquitoes by the gazillions. And don’t step off the path. Barbed burrs that put the Oregon type to shame. Stick to your clothes, and when you pull them off, they stick to your fingers. then the spines dig in w/barbs that don’t want to let go.

December 3, 2009

Arrived at Mazatlan. 46 hours to cross Sea of Cortez – Good wind, bit rolly (following seas) Jay and Sarah as crew. Caught 2 Sierra, good eating. 3 of 4 (crew) motion sick.

Bilge pump wire broke.

Engine start wire connector needs to be reset – same for tach.

Old Harbor close to town, but smelly.

Bird landed on spreader, stayed the night, Covered deck, hatches, dodger, ice chest , dingy, seats, winch, etc. in bird shit. Find wrist rocket!