April 7, 2010

15:10 anchor down @ Las Frailes (baja) – Engine died 3 hours out (water in Racor) bilge pump also failed. Buddy boated w/ Endure, he lost auto-pilot. JC and I pooped out – crashing early

April 3, 2010

Eng hours 2691.9. Oil and filter changed. Transmission lvl checked – OK. Coolant OK


  • Clean off outside of engine
  • Clean crank case breather
  • Clean air filter
  • Check packing gland
  • check all hoses
  • Check compessor / tune up
  • clean Racor bowel / replace filter

March 27, 2010

Moved from La Cruz marina to open anchorage yesterday morning. Total of 9 nights spent in marina. Got windlass fixed (I hope) – cost 2,400 peso.

JC did some sail work and earned 500 peso (yaa!) Monday (3/29) we’ll head north, weather permitting.